VR Console Kit

The VR Game Console Kit comes with everything you need to put on an immersive VR experience. We provide the Playstation 4 console, VR headset, a situational camera, processor, and two types of controllers. Both kits come with at least fifteen games. One VR Console Kit even comes with a small HD television in case your library does not have access to one.  We include at least twelve games per console so your patrons are bound to find an adventure they are excited to experience!

Each Kit can be reserved for one month. The cost of the kit is $100 for dues-paying members and $200 for geographic members. Contact Holly Klingler for more information or to reserve the kit. 

For those who have already used the kit(s) at their library and would like to provide input, please click HERE.

Let your patrons explore new worlds and galaxies, go on fantasy adventures and defy human nature, all within your library using virtual reality!