Board Committees

We invite you to participate as a member of one of our NEO-RLS Standing Board Committees.  Board Committees are open to the public and meet as scheduled on the approved Board Calendar for each year.  

The following Committees are open to anyone in our region.  We encourage participation from members and non-dues-paying members in order to receive a multitude of perspectives.  We encourage participation from all levels of library staff in order to help grow leaders within our region.  

Contact Ragan Snead if you are interested in serving on any of the NEO-RLS Standing Board Committees.  If you want more information about what each Committee is working on during the current Board year, click on the links below.

The Awards Committee serves to establish and oversee the categories of awards, their criteria and the application process for the awards to be granted by NEO-RLS. The Committee works with the Executive Director and staff of NEO-RLS to publicize the awards via the website and newsletter.  The Committee periodically reviews the criteria for all awards and makes needed recommendations to the Board.  The Committee makes recommendations for new awards.  The Committee selects the Advocacy Award recipient(s).
The Board‘s Bylaws and Administrative Policy Manual include all policies pertaining to the general operation of NEO-RLS. The NEO-RLS
Bylaws/Policy Committee familiarizes themselves with the Bylaws and the Administrative Policy Manual and reviews them for their current implementation. Sections are referred to staff, Board, and committees to recommend needed changes. The Bylaws may be amended by two-thirds vote of the NEO-RLS Board, after notifying all Membership Council representatives of the complete proposed alteration or amendment(s) at least 30 days in advance. The Bylaws and Administrative Policy Manual are distributed to all board members in July. When possible, the Executive Director informs the Committee of areas that need addressed so a well-developed policy can be established and adopted to deal with the identified issues. The Committee will review and make changes with input from the NEO-RLS staff.  The Bylaws/Policy Committee is chaired by the NEO-RLS Board Secretary.
The Finance Committee serves as a resource to the Executive Director and Fiscal Officer in the areas of financial and budgetary matters. It is the Executive Director and Fiscal Officer’s responsibility to monitor the budget and alert the Committee and Board to potential problems. The Committee ensures that NEO-RLS’ goals are met through the best possible application of the available funds.  The Finance Committee is chaired by the NEO-RLS Board Vice-President/President-Elect.