Customized Consulting Service

NEO-RLS staff are also able to provide customized consulting service in a number of other areas to save you time.  Please contact Betsy Lantz, Executive Director, for further information and costs.
  • Emerging Technology
    • Make recommendations for the acquisition, implementation and management of emerging technologies
    • Provide emerging technology training for staff and patrons
  • Grant Review
    • Review grant proposals in order to save you time and provide the feedback needed to increase funding success
  • Management Training       
    • Facilitate management skills assessment utilizing the Supervisor's Toolkit curriculum and activities
  • Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator Training
    • Provide leadership, communication, team-building, change, and innovation training utilizing the MBTI 
  • Leadership Coaching
    • Assess skills and provide practical methods to improve leadership ability for library professionals at any level
  • Tailor-Made Training
    • Develop training plans to meet your library’s specific needs
  • Team Building
    • Facilitate inter-departmental cooperation with practical exercises designed to build trust, communication and effectiveness