Customized Consulting Service

NEO-RLS staff are also able to provide customized consulting service in a number of other areas to save you time.  Please contact Ragan Snead, Executive Director, for further information and costs.

“Thank you for all of your preparation and facilitation for our staff/trustee meeting. I think we have been given a lot to work on and think about. You did a fabulous job and I cannot thank you enough for rearranging your schedule to accommodate us.”  -- Jennifer Buch - Director, Huron Public Library
  • Grant Review
    • Save time and enhance funding success by having our staff review grant proposals and provide valuable feedback.
  • One-on-One Management Coaching      
    • Our personalized coaching sessions for managers focus on identifying strengths, utilizing an in-house, leadership assessment tool. We discuss general and specific management scenarios, offering solutions to enhance skills and boost confidence. 
  • Dialogue Facilitation
    • We assist in guiding and managing discussions among community members, leadership, and other stakeholders to facilitate informed decision-making, provide feedback, and gather information.
  • Training to Meet Your Needs
    • Tailor-made training programs designed to meet the specific needs of your library, ensuring relevant and impactful learning experiences.
  • Team Building
    • Foster inter-departmental cooperation with our team-building exercises, strategically crafted to build trust, enhance communication, and improve overall effectiveness.