From 7-minute workout apps to fitness trackers that can save your life to a mobile EKG that can fit in your pocket, technology can help get us healthier and happier. Discover what devices can help motivate, track and even save your life.

With the E-Health Tech Lab, you will not only learn about the apps and devices that can track and analyze, but you can also experiment with these devices hands-on. From beginner tools that nudge you to push harder to advanced tools that fit your healthy lifestyle, discover and test out brand new ways to get E-Healthy!

This E-Health Tech Lab will allow you to:
  • Understand the capabilities of these new devices in regards to health management, fitness improvement, habit formation and even mood enhancements
  • Learn about ways to track and motivate yourself, staff or community
  • Discover what the future trends in e-health will be in order to make wise decisions on purchasing and using these devices

This is a hybrid course in that it uses both PowerPoint and the Tech Lab to feature the newest in tech apps and devices.

For more information contact jeff.laser@neo-rls.org.