NEO-RLS assists libraries in turning their vision into reality.
We offer a variety of consulting services to help you meet challenges, save time and energize your staff and community. In a time of rapid change and limited resources, NEO-RLS delivers long-term and short-term consulting services efficiently and affordably. For more information on any of our services, please contact Betsy Lantz, Executive Director, at

Gold Members receive 4 FREE hours of consulting beginning July 1, 2017. These hours may be used in any manner.

Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is a critical activity in the success of many organizations enabling them to focus on a common set of significant issues and yielding a powerful and shared sense of the future. NEO-RLS offers two customizable Strategic Planning Tracks to fit your needs. We will help you get the process started, keep it on track by guiding your Board, stakeholders and staff in defining long-term goals and objectives and by providing a framework for action. Click here for detailed information on process, costs, and a list of libraries that have used NEO-RLS for Strategic Planning.

Staff Day Planning
Great libraries are only as great as their staff and a skilled, highly motivated staff is only possible through continuous development and team-building. NEO-RLS offers Staff Day planning for a single library, for multiple libraries or for all of the libraries in a county or specified area. We can assist in finding speakers, a venue or put the entire day together. Let us help you invest in your staff by taking the worry and stress out of Staff Day. Click here for detailed information on our services, costs, and a list of libraries that have used NEO-RLS for Staff Day Planning.

Board Development
Trustees are at the heart of a library’s relationship with its community. They should be your library’s best advocates and your most informed stewards of growth and success. NEO-RLS offers effective and efficient Board Development training to help you create an environment of trustee professionalism. Click here for detailed information on training topics, costs and a list of libraries that have used NEO-RLS for Board Development.

Director Search
Finding the right director for your library is the most important job of the Board of Trustees. It is important to find someone who matches the qualifications required and it is equally important to find someone whose skills and organizational capabilities align with your strategic priorities. NEO-RLS works closely with the Board of your library to define the position and to understand the library’s culture in order to ensure a good match.  Click here for detailed information on our services, costs, and a list of libraries that have used NEO-RLS for their Director Search.

In addition, NEO-RLS staff can help with the following:
  • Emerging Technology
    • Facilitate acquisition, implementation and management of emerging technologies and makerspaces
  • Grant Review
    • Review of grants in order to save you time and provide you with feedback to increase the opportunity to acquire needed funds
  • Leadership Coaching
    • Skills assessment and practical methods to improve leadership ability for library professionals at any level
  • Fiscal Officer Training
    • Provide individualized training for new Fiscal Officers 
  • Tailor-Made Training
    • Development of a plan to meet your library’s specific needs
  • Team Building
    • Facilitation of inter-departmental cooperation and practical methods to achieve goals