Call For Posters

2021 Virtual Emerging Technology Symposium

Exploration  |  Adaptation  |  Transformation

September 2021

Sponsored by Ohio's Regional Library Systems (NEO-RLS, NORWELD, SERLS, SWON) and the State Library of Ohio

The Theme:

The 2021 Virtual Emerging Technology Symposium will showcase the incredible ability of the nation's libraries to explore, adapt and transform through the use of emerging technology.  Libraries are always seeking new and responsive ways in which to meet the needs of their communities.  In recent years libraries have engaged emerging technologies in a variety of creative ways to build tech literacy, bridge the tech divide and make innovation accessible to all.

This year marks our 8th Emerging Technology Symposium, the 2nd time it has been held virtually, and the 1st time it has been sponsored as a statewide event.  In 2021 we want to celebrate and feature your ability to explore, adapt and transform!  Whether you have a completed project, are in the process of a project, or want to promote what you are planning on developing, we invite you to submit your efforts and achievements in a poster session to be featured throughout the month of September as an integral part of the 2021 Virtual Emerging Technology Symposium.  Posters sessions are an excellent way to promote your achievements and help other libraries gain skills and knowledge in order to forge their own innovations. 

The Details:

  • All types and sizes of libraries across the U.S. are eligible to participate. 
  • Projects should be current within the past two years.
  • Applications will be subject to review and adherence to the theme.
  • Poster sessions may be recorded or live. 
  • Recorded sessions may be as short as fifteen minutes or as long as a half hour. 
  • Live sessions may range  from thirty minutes to an hour. 
  • We encourage interaction and demonstration of your work.
  • Colleagues or relevant staff who were integral to the project may be included in the session.
  • If you do not have access to the equipment needed to perform an online session, we can provide it for you. We want to be sure you have every means possible to showcase your work.

If you would like to present a poster session, please click  HERE to fill out our form for submission. Examples of some poster sessions from last year's Emerging Technology Symposium are below to provide you with an idea of the framework.   Feel free to be as creative as possible as to the best way to feature your project.

The  Dates:

  • Deadline for submission:  May 31, 2021
  • Acceptance notification: June 30, 2021
  • Deadline for recorded session: August 13, 2021
  • Date for live session: September 8th through the 30th

If you have any questions regarding a poster session or presenting, please contact  We cannot wait to hear about and celebrate your library's efforts to explore, adapt and transform

Examples of Poster Sessions:

Example of a Live Poster Session:

Tech Together: Building Bug Robots

Niccole Paytosh, Library Associate at the Lorain Public Library System provides excellent tips and advice in addition to a virtual unboxing in her poster session at our 2020 virtual Emerging Technology Symposium.

Examples of a Recorded Poster Session:

Creating a Virtual Escape Room

Angela Fioramonti from the Cuyahoga Falls Library demonstrates how she creates a virtual escape room that is easy and fun. For a link to her Tips and Tricks document, go here.

Going Virtual With Your Makerspace

Missy Littell, Customer Experience Manager from the Cuyahoga Falls Library, talks about how she and her staff creatively worked to make their Makerspace and tech programs virtual for customers of all types and needs.

Missy and Carolanne Tkach will be sharing their process and how they managed these programs more in depth at the Virtual NEO-RLS 2020 Emerging Technology Symposium. Sign up for their program, "Keeping Your Makerspace Momentum," along with other national and local speakers, for FREE throughout the entire month of September (thanks to the generous LSTA Grant provided by the State Library of Ohio). To see the lineup and to register, click here.