2022 Staff Development Week

Join Colleagues Virtually for a Week of Learning and Networking during January 2022.  Registration is now open to individuals!

Start the New Year with a week packed with Staff Development learning opportunities via live Zoom webinars.  Join your colleagues throughout the region every day or as you can and hear from national and local speakers.  Engage with others in a relaxed learning environment and participate in informal network meetings of your choosing. Click here to see the full program for the week and to register.

WHEN:  The NEO-RLS 2022 Staff Development Week will be held January 24-27, 2021
WHERE:  Online via Zoom
WHAT:  The four-day event, "Self Care as Community Care" will feature an 5 sessions focused on different facets of self and community care.  The week's offerings are geared to ALL Staff.   
HOW MUCH:  Cost for the week is $10 per person for Gold Members; $25 per person for Silver Members;  $37.50 per person for Bronze Members; and $50.00 per person for Geographic Members  
HOW MANY:  We will take a maximum of 990 participants
HOW TO SIGN UP:  Registration is now open to individuals.  We will give first priority to NEO-RLS members in our region and then to all others including individual registrations.

ARCHIVE OF STAFF DAY:  Archive links will be available only to participating libraries and individuals who have registered.  The archived content will be made available to everyone in 2023 through our Archived Webinar Library.