UPDATE - New Supervisors' Academy

Becoming a supervisor adds new and different challenges to your work day regardless of the type of library you work in or the size of library you work in.  The Academy's courses will provide you with the skills and confidence you need to handle the many and varied challenges of being a supervisor. Programs will focus on three key areas:  leadership, communication and staff development. The Academy is appropriate for new supervisors in multi-type libraries and for those who want a refresher.

  • The Academy is a blended course which runs from February through November and consists of 4 face-to-face workshops and 6 webinars.  The 2020 Academy will extend through May 2021 due to pandemic restrictions.
  • We recommend that you attend the Academy in its entirety in order to maximize your learning.
  • Archives of live webinars will be available at your convenience for those attending the Academy in its entirety and experiencing a scheduling conflict.
  • Live webinars will be available individually for registration for those NOT attending the Academy in its entirety.
  • Participants who attend the entire Academy will receive a Certificate of Completion.
See below for a full description of the 2020 Academy:
Updated due to pandemic restrictions:
6/10/20        HR Stuff Every Supervisor Should Know                      Online
7/8/20          Time Management: Yours and Theirs                             Online
9/16/20        Critical Thinking                                                              Online
10/15/20      It's a Manager/Supervisor's Job to Motivate Staff!      Online

The following in-person workshops will be rescheduled for Spring 2021
New Supervisors' Tool Kit                                                                 
Setting Performance Goals & Evaluation                                          
Budgeting, Interviewing and Self-Care   

Check back for registration information for the 2021 Academy which will begin next March.                                                                                
Past participants had this to say:

It was great to network with others that are in the same situation as myself. It was great to gain more knowledge on several topics with being a supervisor. I liked being able to bounce ideas off of each other too.

I'm not a new manager, but it was a good refresher course to ensure that I am being the best possible manager for my staff and the library system as a whole.

I enjoyed the experience from the library perspective (rather than the general supervisor training I'd had elsewhere).

I know that this was time well spent. I have been able to perform my role with more confidence and I’m sure that the tools I have been given will continue to help establish priorities. Thanks for the breathing lesson today...my mind was spinning from the constant emails today...I can still picture the mountains of Tennessee!