UPDATE - Customer Service Academy

NEO-RLS Introduces the Customer Service Academy!

Customer service is one of the most frequently requested training topics as it impacts dramatically on a library's ability to serve its community.  This is true in a public library, academic library, special or school library and across all levels of staff.  In fact, no one in a library is exempt from providing excellent customer service.  To that end, NEO-RLS has constructed a year-long Academy which we hope will inspire you to enhance your customer service skills whether you are new to the library scene or an experienced professional.  The Academy consists of face-to-face workshops and a variety of webinars covering a number of different topics, all designed to help you provide more effective service, whatever your position. 

Library staff in the NEO-RLS region who wish to participate in the Academy will be able to tailor the Academy to suit their needs.  Every participant however, is required to attend a minimum of 2 of the designated CSA face-to-face events and 4 of the designated CSA webinars during the 2020 calendar year in order to receive a Customer Service Academy Certificate of Completion.  UPDATE - DUE TO THE PANDEMIC RESTRICTIONS FOR IN-PERSON WORKSHOPS, PARTICIPANTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE 8 OF THE DESIGNATED CSA WEBINARS (LIVE AND/OR ARCHIVED) IN ORDER TO RECEIVE A CUSTOMER SERVICE ACADEMY CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION FOR 2020.  The workshops and webinars that qualify are designated as the Customer Service Academy and bear this logo.  Once you have completed the requirements, please contact Melissa Lattanzi, Education and Events Coordinator, who will verify your participation and issue your Certificate of Completion.  Perfect your skills and add to your resume by participating!

The Academy is also open to library staff outside of the NEO-RLS region.  Anyone is welcome to attend the face-to-face events but we realize that it may not be practical if you reside outside our region or in a different state.  Therefore, those outside of the NEO-RLS region will be required to attend 8 of the CSA designated webinars of their choosing  (a minimum of 5 must be live webinars with approved archived webinars eligible for the remainder) during the 2020 calendar year in order to receive an Online Training Certificate.  Once you have completed the requirements, please contact Melissa Lattanzi, Education and Events Coordinator, who will verify your participation and issue your Online Training Certificate.

We hope you will feel inspired to increase your customer service skill set through the engaging and interactive workshops and webinars that are planned for 2020.  We look forward to your participation.  See below for a full listing of the 2020 Customer Service Academy workshops and webinars and register today!

Ditch the Drama:  Strategies for Peak Performance: More Peace, Less Drama with presenter Marti Peden -  UPDATED TO 8/20/20 ONLINE 10:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. DUE TO PANDEMIC RESTRICTIONS

Brand Touchpoints:  All the Staff & All the Stuff  with presenter Kathy Dempsey (webinar) - NEWLY ADDED -  8/18/20 10:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M.

RA Rethink: Merchandising and Upselling Edition with presenter Becky Spratford (webinar)

Customer Service Experience Boot Camp

Customer Service on the Telephone and by Email
with presenter Andrew Sanderbeck (webinar)

Mental Health Issues and Your Library: An Introduction with presenters Josh Berk and Kelly Berk (webinar)

Professional Internal Customer Service with presenter Andrew Sanderbeck (webinar)

De-escalation and Productive Conversations: Working with Individuals Experiencing Mental Health Challenges in a Library Setting 
with presenters Josh Berk and Kelly Berk (webinar)

Managing a Professional Customer Service Team with presenter Andrew Sanderbeck (webinar)

The Quiet Approach for Serving Customers
with presenter Andrew Sanderbeck  - UPDATED TO 9/9/20 ONLINE 10:00 - 11:00 A.M. DUE TO PANDEMIC RESTRICTIONS

Raising the Bar! Tools for Continuous Improvement with Your Customer Service Team with presenter Andrew Sanderbeck (webinar)

Watch this area for more qualifying webinars to be posted for August through December 2020.