Self-Care Resources During COVID-19

We are all facing an ever-changing situation and climate resulting from the COVID-19 crisis. Because of this, we cannot underestimate the stress that this situation has on our mental health. Whether consciously or sub-consciously, we are experiencing stress that has impacted every aspect of our lives, routines, behavior and loved ones.  NEO-RLS will work hard to provide you with a variety of mental health resources that you can use to provide self-care and pass along to others. If there is anything you think would be a valuable resource for this page, please contact

Featured Highlights

This is a great set of resources to help you manage your mental health during the holidays and the pandemic. 

The COVID-19 Mental Resources Hub by PsychHub is a comprehensive source that contains some of the nation's most renowned mental health organizations. There is also a terrific 2020 Mental Health Resources List by Nursing License Map that provides material to stay healthy mentally and physically, from movement and sleep to meditation and mindfulness. 

This resource by "Fingerprint for Success" provides both valuable statistics related to mental health during COVID-19 as well as useful mindfulness exercises to reduce stress.

Try these 25 Stay-At-Home Self-Care Ideas During COVID-19 by Premiere Health. How many have you tried?

Check out the ABC's of Mental Health, a valuable mental health resource page for educators.

The State Library of Ohio and OhioNET hosted "Vocational Awe: Examining the Cost of Your Service" on October 7th. 

"Breaking the Anxiety Cycle Through Kindness"

Steven Zanella opens his TED Talk with questions that many of us can relate to. We often can get stuck in the "What If..." cycle of doubt and anxiety. He discusses how he developed a habit of negative thinking and  anxiety and then the life-changing moment where he broke that habit and developed a different perspective. 

We often forget that the important mantra to be kind includes our own self and thinking. Steven's story is a great lesson for this.

Making Stress Your...Friend? Your Perspective on Stress Makes a Huge Impact!

Very few of us can say that we have not experienced stress in the last few months. The situations with the pandemic and all that has followed has certainly contributed to this, but even before this, we often encounter events that can lead to stress. It seems that regardless of your position, profession, experience or more, stress is an equal opportunity provider. 

This TED Talk helps us to view stress differently. Stress can impact your health, but what is more influential is your VIEW of stress.

It also explains why, during these times of stress and social distancing, we have come up with AMAZING and creative ways we can still connect with and help each other. 

Watch this very informative video to learn more.

Mental Health America provides an excellent list of various resources, from financial support resources, resources for parents, caregivers, tools to connect with others, and more. 


Free Webinars, Programs and Events 

University of Toronto: Mind Control: Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19
CreativeLive: Health and Wellness Streaming Classes for Free
Lana Johnson: Well-Being Contagion (
Little Twisters Yoga & Emotional Wellness
Web Junction: Reducing Workplace Stress with Mindfulness
Yale University: The Science of Well-Being (Most Popular eCourse)

"The End of Every Zoom Meeting"

While this comedy duo, Laurel and Hardy, made us laugh on the silver screen way back in the 1920's through the 1940's, we can still relate to some of their experiences now in the 21st century. 

Whether you are on Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Duo or another video platform, you can surely relate to this. Some pleasantries transfer well on video, and some do not. One such example would be how to end the call and say your goodbyes. Let's all be honest: it can be awkward. Enjoy this short video reflecting how it feels like to try and leave a video meeting.

If you have a funny or heart-warming video to share that can relate to self-care, please let us know.

As of late, our new normal is to meet online. Whether it is via Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Adobe Connect any of the other myriad of online meeting apps, we all encounter some similar difficulties and idiosyncrasies that make the online conference call a bit, well, unique.

This video highlights some of these issues in a light-hearted way by showing us how a virtual conference call might go in real life.  

Videos on Well-Being and Happiness

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