Circulating Technology Kits

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The staff at NEO-RLS are always looking for ways to help the region’s libraries better serve their communities. One of the ways in which we do this is through our circulating technology kits. Maximize your ability to provide materials for your customers by borrowing NEO-RLS’s  e-Tech Programs in a Box, STEAM e-Kits for children, tweens and teens, e-Tech Classroom Sets, VR Console Sets and so much more.  Kits are shipped via UPS at no cost to the library. Please allow at least two weeks for preparation and shipping when reserving a kit.

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Please complete an evaluation after you have finished with your circulating emerging technology kit. The evaluation feedback will help us keep the kits relevant and easy to use.  For your convenience, the evaluation will be included with your service contract and is also available here.

The Health Literacy Kits are fully developed adult patron or staff programs that you can take right out of the box and present! Each kit comes with the relevant technology for a hands on experience, a fully-developed and interactive PowerPoint presentation, and health literacy information and handouts.

The e-Tech Programs in a Box are fully developed adult patron or staff programs that you can take right out of the box and present! Each kit comes with the newest and most innovative technology available on the market in addition to a fully-developed and interactive PowerPoint presentation that you can present to your patrons or staff.

We currently have three different e-Tech Programs in a Box available. The Tech Trends Kit explores available breaking-ground technologies.  From e-health devices to VR to kids coding tech and more, you can play and experiment with some of the most innovative devices to hit the market. The Virtual Reality Kit explains how you can discover the solar system, take a ride through the blood stream, visit the pyramids and tour Jurassic Park, all from your seat in the library. Virtual reality allows you to explore your world, wherever you are. Finally, the Kid's Tech Kit discusses innovative gadgets from coding to robotics to STEAM.  Learn and play with kid’s tech.  Try out gadgets that are powerful educational tools teaching important skills like problem solving, decision making and more, while making learning fun.

Example of some tech from the Tween Kit

The STEAM e-Kits come jam-packed with the most innovative technology needed to teach science, technology, engineering, art and math in a fun and exciting way. Each kit comes with lesson plans so you can begin teaching fun and directed classes immediately.

We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to technology and learning. Therefore, we created three distinct STEAM e-Kits according to different age groups and learning styles. You can choose from the Children’s Kit, Tween Kit or the Teen Kit, each with focused-technology to challenge children according to their age and skill level. 

The VR Game Console Kit comes with everything you need to put on an immersive VR experience. We provide the Playstation 4 console, VR headset, a situational camera, processor, and two types of controllers. Both kits come with at least fifteen games. One VR Console Kit even comes with a small HD television in case your library does not have access to one.  We include at least twelve games per console so your patrons are bound to find an adventure they are excited to experience!

The Classroom Kits provide an exciting and informative emerging technology program with everyone using the same technology. Each Kit comes with examples  of lesson plans that you can utilize right out of the box, allowing you to easily and conveniently facilitate a collaborative and educational program.  Both companies also have robust educational portals for online lesson sharing and programs. 

Libraries have successfully used the Classroom Kits to provide fun programming for up to 30 students or children. Pairing them to work together enhances the learning experience and builds additional skills such as communication and team work. 
The Sphero Classroom Kit provides ten Sphero Balls and ten tablets. The Kits include some accessories to enhance the fun and learning as well as all the peripheral material you need to charge and ready your devices. Each tablet is pre-loaded with the app to make the lesson plans easy to implement right out of the box. There are several other apps loaded for both fun and free-form programs. 

The Ozobot Classroom Kit comes with twelve Ozobots and four tablets, everything you need for a collaborative and fun-filled program according to Ozobots are unique because they can be used with and without a tablet. In other words, you can teach the coding mindset with just paper and markers. These also come with all the peripheral material needed to charge the device and markers to provide an unplugged or plugged program. 

The Podcast Kit come with the accessories you need to successfully record or stream video and audio. The kits come with accessories that can support both Apple and Android products as well as material for a laptop or computer. From wireless lavalier microphones to an HD webcam to tripods and mobile lighting, the Podcast Kit has all you need to perform a basic stream or recording session.

The Tablet Kit offers ten fully functional iPad tablets so that you can provide one to program attendees that do not have a tablet. The Tablet Kit also helps to ensure that your attendees are using and learning from the same type of device.